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2008-11-07 (Friday) - Planning Commission Meeting - Goals & Policies Development (Workshop Series #5-3A)

Meeting Location:  Oroville, Board of Supervisors Chambers | 9:00 am

Presentations:  Tim's Intro | DC&E Presentation

The following information represents the accumulation of information gathered during Workshop Series #5 to date and is a part of the record that will be provided to the Planning Commission for this meeting.  All documents are PDFs.



Public Comments (provided to and received at the Planning Commission on 2008-11-07):  Fire Hazard issues - Tony St. Amant, 9/8/08 | Fiscal Public Analysis - Tony St. Amant, 9/8/08 | Butte County Water Commission Comments | Public Information Submitted to the Planning Commission | Mechoopda and Cultural Resources Comments Mechoopda Tribe Consultation

Attachment A: Butte County General Plan 2030 Guiding Principals

Attachment B: General Plan Outline & Element Organization

Part I (2 hr 25 min) | Part II (2 hr 19 min)

Attachment C: Preferred Land Use Alternative Exhibits:
BOS_PLUA_North | BOS_PLUA_South BOS_votes_7_29_CORRECTED | BOS_Votes_7-30_FINAL | Land_Use_Table_7-30-08

Attachment D: Goals, Policies and Programs Defined for BCGP 2030

Attachment E: Policy Alternatives Document (as amended by the CAC)

Attachment F: Official CAC Meeting Votes and Summary (October 2, October 9, October 16, and October 23 CAC Meetings)

Attachment G: Summary of Public Comments made at CAC (October 2, October 9, October 16, and October 23 CAC Meetings)

Attachment H: September 8, 2008 Public Workshop, Official Meeting Notes & Summary

Attachment I: General Public Comments, Including Letters Provided to the CAC

Attachment J: Transportation Alternatives Document & Exhibits (2007_BIKE_ROUTES_A (11x17) | 2007_BIKE_ROUTES_B (11x17) | 2007_BIKE_ROUTES_C (11x17) | 2007_BIKE_ROUTES_COVER (11x17) | CAC revised Transportation Alternatives Handout | GP 2030 CAC mtg bullet points 101608 | Roadway_Alts_11x17_FINAL)

Attachment K: Traffic Level of Service Memo from DC&E

Attachment L: Agriculture Enhancement Report

Attachment M: Model Air Quality Element

Attachment N: Watersheds & General Plans (League of Women Voters) Meeting Notes & Summary


Meeting Series #5 Goals and Policies Development (Task G)

County staff and the DC&E team will present the preliminary policy issues at a community workshop. At this workshop, DC&E will develop an interactive exercise to refine the policy issues and identify potential trade-offs that may arise because of potentially inconsistent policies. Based on input at the workshop, County staff and DC&E will then develop recommended goals and policies. These preliminary goals and policies will then be presented to the Citizens Advisory Committee for their input and feedback, followed up by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors. Some policies may be carried over from existing General Plan documents, while others will be new policies drafted by DC&E. All policies will comply with the Guiding Principles and will be intended to implement the selected preferred alternative.

In addition to discussing goals and policies, County staff and DC&E will present the Draft Outline of the General Plan to the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors for their input and feedback. Following Meeting Series #5, County staff and DC&E will hold up to two additional meetings each with the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to review and refine the recommended goals and policies.

For more information about the Project Tasks and Meeting Series, please click here.

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