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2010-11-29 (Monday) Gridley/Biggs Area - Special Meeting on a DRAFT General Plan Amendment
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A special meeting was held at the Manzanita School at 6 pm on Monday, November 29, 2010 to follow up on General Plan designation and Zoning for 3 areas around Gridley and Biggs.  For more information, please download Attachment F from the General Plan adoption hearing.
Draft Zoning Ordinance - Planning Commission 'work in progress' documents.  We recommend that you view the most recent document for the section that you are interested in.

Please NOTE:  These are the Planning Commission's DRAFT Efforts 'to date'After the November 02, 2010 meeting, staff will prepare a Final DRAFT Zoning Ordinance and Map for review/consideration by the Planning Commission at a publicly noticed meeting...please stay tuned for the meeting date.  The next step is that the Board of Supervisors will review several Policy issues on April 26, 2011...please stay tuned for more information. 

Meeting Date Sections Reviewed Glossary Changes
08-05-2010 Part 1

Part 2

08-19-2010 Part 2
09-02-2010 Part 3
09-16-2010 Part 2

Part 3

09-30-2010 Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Part 5

10-07-2010 Part 5
10-21-2010 Part 2

Part 6

11-02-2010 Part 4

Part 6

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