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2011-12-13 Board of Supervisors Special Meeting - Workshop Series #8-4C - Draft #3 of Zoning Ordinance - Map Review (NOTE:  Draft Text to be reviewed on 12-06-2011)

Post Meeting Information:

- Summary of Draft #3 Zoning Ordinance Text Changes by the Board of Supervisors <posted 2012-01-17>

- Summary of Draft #3 Zoning Map Actions by the Board of Supervisors <posted 2011-12-19>

- ChicoER News Article <posted 2011-12-19>

December 13, 2011:

- Working Agenda <posted 2011-12-12>

- Solar Energy Memo <posted 2011-12-12>

- Additional Property Owner Requests <posted 2011-12-12>

- News Release <distributed 2011-12-02>

- Staff Report<posted 2011-12-02>

Meeting Purpose:  Development Services staff will review the Draft #3 Zoning Map with the Board of Supervisors.  DDS staff is requesting that the Board complete their review of the map and direct staff to commence environmental review (CEQA) of the Draft #3 Zoning Ordinance and Map.  It is the County's goal to have the Zoning Ordinance and Map back before the Board of Supervisors for adoption in the Summer of 2012.

At 5:00 pm:  We will continue the review of the TEXT in an effort to complete that part of the project for  review/direction...(see Working Agenda above)

December 06, 2011 Meeting Information

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