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2012-09-27 Planning Commission Meeting - Workshop Series #8-3N - Zoning Ordinance, General Plan Amendments and Final SEIR recommendation to the Board of Supervisors

- Planning Commission Meeting Notes <posted 2012-10-17>

- Meeting Summary <posted 2012-10-02/updated 2012-10-04>

- Comments received at meeting <posted 2012-10-01>

- Agenda with estimated times for items to be discussed

- Memo to Planning Commission <posted 2012-10-02>

- Staff Report Only (no attachments)

- Staff Report with ALL Attachments <40 meg file>

- Memo to Planning Commission Regarding Non CEQA Related Responses

- Memo to PC about comment from Elizabeth Devereaux

<September 13, 2012> Final SEIR Released...Also you can view the release of General Plan Amendments, Final Zoning Ordinance, Draft Supplemental EIR - View ALL Docs HERE

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