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Butte General Plan 2030 - Quick Facts

1.  According to the Great Valley Center, 'Butte County generates more solar energy per capita than any other county in the U.S.'?

Answer:  This is TRUE (visit http://www.greatvalley.org for more info)

2.  What is the water usage per year, both in county and out of Butte County of Lake Oroville water?

Answer:  The numbers and percentages vary year to year, but on average about 3,000,000 acre-feet of water are delivered each year by the State Water Project from Lake Oroville. This water is roughly divided into thirds, with one third going out-of county for agriculture, one third going out of county for residential, commercial, and industrial (M&I), and one third going for water rights settlement agreements, which are mostly in-county agricultural uses.

Under the terms of a water supply contract between Butte County and the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR), Butte County has an allocation of 27,500 acre-feet per year.  This 27,500 acre foot allocation can only be used under certain conditions. Currently, the water can only be used within the county which is the County’s service area; the County is required to pay for the full allocation whether or not it is available or a need can be identified; and even though the water is stored behind Oroville Dam which is located within Butte County, the County is still subject to the same cut-back scenarios as all other SWP Contractors throughout the state.

Through a special dry-year program, the County has been approved to sell a portion of the allocation outside of their service area for water years 2008 and 2009. Currently, staff is in negotiations with DWR and that buyer to extend this transfer program until an in-county use can be identified.  (Source:  2009-06-22 - Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation)

3.  How many parcels are in Butte County?

Answer:  As of a recent check of GIS information on 2007-03-21, there were:

Unincorporated Butte County: 48,089

Incorporated (all five cities):

Biggs: 690

Chico: 23,264

Gridley: 2,409

Oroville: 5,834

Paradise: 11,438

Grand Total 91,724

Answer:  As of a recent check of GIS information on 2009-06-11, there were:

Unincorporated Butte County: 47,637

Incorporated (all five cities):

Biggs: 691

Chico: 24,754

Gridley: 2,451

Oroville: 5,974

Paradise: 11,471

Grand Total 92, 978

4.  How many post cards has the Department of Development Services sent out to citizens to invite them to community meetings as of May 21st, 2007?
Distribution Area:  
Area 2 700
Bangor/Rackerby 324
Berry Creek 702
Butte Meadows 219
Central Buttes 401
Cherokee 206
Cohasset 216
Clipper Mills 298
Durham 1,005
Lake Oroville 1,928
Large Property 384
Forest Ranch 583
Gridley/Biggs 505
Nord 99
Palermo/Honcut 661
Richvale 178
Stirling City 179
Paradise 5,196
Chico 5,950
Oroville 6,950
Total as of May 2007 26,684

5.  What is the size (area) of Butte County and the incorporated cities?

  • Area under county jurisdiction - 1610 sq miles
  • Area under the jurisdiction of the cities of Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville & the Town of Paradise,  - 66 sq miles

Source:  Butte County GIS (11-2006)



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