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Butte General Plan 2030 - Staff

Office Address:  7 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965 Main Phone: 530-538-7541

Dan Breedon, AICP, Principal Planner (530-538-7629)

  1. Coordinate all Meeting Agendas (Weekly Meeting w/DC&E, Board Subcommittee meetings, CAC Meetings)
  2. Coordinate with DC&E on all GP 2030 tasks
  3. Review and finalize all notes from meetings.
  4. Provide Board and Planning Commission Progress Reports
  5. Write-up all emails for list-serve and other summary information for web
  6. Coordinate and provide presentations when needed
  7. Complete all Board Reports
  8. Address all public inquiries/emails
  9. Coordinate all GP Update Product Reviews
  10. Attend all City/County Planning Director Meetings
  11. Attend all additional special meetings associated w/ GP 2030 effort
  12. Respond to all CAC member inquiries and questions
  13. Attend all CAC meetings
  14. Attend all Board Subcommittee meetings
  15. Attend all GP 2030 Weekly Meetings
  16. Coordinate all other Advance Planning work (RFCs from other agencies, code amendments, Resolutions, GPAs) that has a bearing on GP 2030

Claudia Stuart, Principal Planner (530-538-7604)

  1. Contract tracking and scheduling (look a heads) for DC&E and the Workshop Series, Invoice Review
  2. Publishing for all public public meetings
  3. Coordinate outreach w/DC&E, including Newsletters and Brochures, press releases
  4. Graphics and GIS support
  5. CAC Meeting logistics
  6. CAC member mailings
  7. Archiving all Documents and electronic information
  8. GP 2030 Document Manager and Advance Planning Library oversight
  9. Attend all CAC Meetings
  10. Provide SB-18 Tribal Consultation oversight w/DC&E
  11. Attend all weekly GP 2030 meetings
  12. Attend other special meetings as assigned
  13. Keep track of all CAC materials, binders, handouts, electronic media such as photos and presentations, CAC attendance
  14. Support all other Advance Planning work and GP 2030 work.

Chuck Thistlethwaite, Planning Manager (530-538-6572)

  1. LAFCO and Special Districts
  2. Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan Coordination w/BCAG
  3. Attend all GP 2030 Weekly Meetings
  4. Attend all Board Subcommittee Meetings
  5. Work Product Review
  6. Special Assignments
  7. Management

Pete Calarco, Assistant Director (530-538-2167)

  1. Ag Element Program 2.2 Agricultural Buffer
  2. CEQA and Zoning Ordinance Guidance
  3. Attend all GP 2030 Weekly Meetings
  4. Attend all Board Subcommittee Meetings
  5. Work Product Review
  6. Special Assignments
  7. Management

Tim Snellings, Director (530-538-6821)

  1. General oversight for GP 2030 Process
  2. Liaison to CAC
  3. Liaison to the Board of Supervisors Subcommittee
  4. Provide all updates to the Board of Supervisors
  5. Outreach and representative to Citizens Groups and Service Organizations
  6. Management
  7. Work Product Review
  8. Website Manager
  9. Email Listserv Manager

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