Grounds for Health, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing cervical cancer in coffee communities, is in the middle of a summer-long fundraising campaign to raise $100K to bring healthcare #wheresheis. This July, Royal New York, BNT Industry & Trading and Royal Coffee each committed $10K to help bring GfH almost halfway to their goal.

Thanks to the ease and portability of HPV test kits, Grounds for Health (GfH) can now offer cervical cancer screening anywhere. Within minutes, women collect their own samples. Samples are sent to a lab to determine whether a woman has HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer, and whether she will need treatment.

Each month this summer, GfH is showcasing a different location where they will expand access to test kits and reach women #wheresheis. In July they are highlighting open air markets where she shops. The GfH team had the opportunity to test out markets in Nyeri, Kenya in January this year, and vendors and shoppers alike were lining up to be tested because they didn’t have to get on an exam table. Said Susan Hollinger, GfH Clinical Consultant, “Quick, on-site HPV self-sampling was so simple and non-intrusive for women, they were easily recruited to visit the pop-up screening site. At one point there were a dozen women crowding into the small space wanting to do an HPV test. Between our team and the local women, we quickly devised and held up a cloth screen to provide another privacy area. I have never seen anything like it!”

Royal New York will be contributing to the campaign through sales of an exclusive women-produced lot from the Royal New York Line Up. All sale proceeds will go to Grounds for Health and the company will make its own contribution to ensure the donation reaches $10K. Says Jaime Schoenhut, President & CEO of Royal New York, “As a longtime supporter and anchor donor of Grounds for Health, we are so proud to participate in the #wheresheis campaign this summer. The work that Grounds for Health is doing to make healthcare accessible to women in these coffee communities is truly remarkable. At Royal New York we’re excited to announce that we will be donating all proceeds from the sale of our Grounds for Health x Royal NY Line Up box to Grounds for Health so that together we can bring healthcare #wheresheshops!”


Meanwhile, BNT and Royal Coffee have teamed up in an exciting, first-time partnership between a local exporter and an international importer to support women’s healthcare at origin. As an exporting company, BNT Industry & Trading knows firsthand the value that women provide to their families, communities, and the global coffee market. Royal Coffee, a longtime partner and purchaser of BNT coffee, is inspired by BNT’s commitment. The tandem exporter-importer donations show the power of partnering across the supply chain to support women and farmers.

After July’s fundraising push, the #wheresheis campaign will continue into August, when GfH will focus on getting test kits to rural health posts and villages where she lives. For more information, follow along via e-news  or social media (@groundsforhealth) or reach out to Kyle Engelman, Director of Philanthropy,

About Grounds for Health
Grounds for Health (GfH) is an international non-profit based in Williston, VT with the mission to prevent cervical cancer in coffee communities. They have over 25 years’ experience partnering with the coffee industry and global and local health partners to implement high quality, locally-based screen and treat programs for women. To date, over 185,000 women have been screened and 15,000 treated to prevent cervical cancer. In 2022, they introduced the innovative screening technique of HPV self-sampling, allowing women from remote settings to experience high quality healthcare without requiring a clinic visit. Their vision is to build a bridge to globally inclusive care.

About Royal New York
Royal New York is a family owned and operated importer of specialty green coffees and wholesale tea based in South Plainfield, NJ. Founded in 1995, Royal New York started out as a specialty coffee importer, with just three people working out of a small trailer in Staten Island, New York. Under the initial guidance of Royal Coffee Inc. in California, Royal New York was able to grow their coffee importing business. Since then, Royal New York has evolved into a business consisting of three brands: Coffee, Tea & The Lab.

Royal Coffee New York imports high quality specialty green coffee from around the world to their three warehouses, all offering next business day shipping. The Lab by Royal New York, founded in 2015, is a SCA Premier Campus that provides an education and training space for the specialty coffee industry. Royal Tea New York, founded in 2016, provides the specialty coffee and tea industry with high-quality specialty wholesale tea. You’ll find that one word unites these three Royal New York brands: quality. They are proud to provide their customers, both large and small, with the highest quality specialty green coffee, wholesale tea, and education, and have built their business on that promise.

About BNT Trading & Industry
For the last 12 years, BNT has been primarily engaged in coffee export and maintaining reliable relationships with coffee growers and traders. Currently, BNT has expanded its business and engaged in other sectors resulting from successful performance in the coffee export sector. As the largest producer and exporter of coffee in Ethiopia, BNT Industry and Trading Plc. has a proud history of delivering quality coffees to the markets. Our company was founded to help our clients and business partners excel by delivering outstanding value through service excellence.

About Royal Coffee, Inc:
Royal Coffee is a family-owned and operated importer of specialty green coffees, serving the international roasting community. Founded in 1978 by Bob Fulmer and Pete McLaughlin in a tiny office on Hollis St., the company began with the purchase of a single bag of coffee that Bob and Pete used as a desk until they found a buyer for it. They turned the proceeds of the first sale into two more bags, and the rest is history.

Royal Coffee imports the finest coffees in the world, from over 30 countries of origin and a vast network of producing partners. Royal supplies some of the top roasting houses around the globe, from warehouses in Oakland, Seattle, Madison, Houston, Shanghai, and Vancouver. Our humble roots continue to inform our day to day operations though, as many of our clients get their start with us buying a single bag of coffee.

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